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Jul 31, 2013 2:00pm PDT
took off. germany's defense minister sticks to his guns over a botched security project. >> germany's engineering giant siemens picks a new ceo after a messy battle. >> and a -- election day in zimbabwe. polls have been closing as monitors give the votes the thumbs up. >> it's one of the wildcards ahead of the september's elections in germany -- a row over a failed project to develop surveillance drones that wasted hundreds of millions of euros. >> today, the man at the center of it all had to appear before a parliamentary committee to explain himself, but he stuck to his guns and said he will not resign over the matter. >> the opposition says he knew more about problems at an earlier state than he is letting on, and they say that should cost him his job. >> the stakes are high because he is a close ally of chancellor merkel, and she is standing by him. >> he has denied the accusations against him. he says he knew about problems regarding the euro hop drums, but his aides told him they were not insurmountable. when that group wrong, he put an end to the project. >> i think it is imp
Jul 29, 2013 2:00pm PDT
become a lethal weapon in the campaign. >> the defense minister, one of angela merkel's closest allies is under pressure to resign for developing the drones after hundreds of millions of euros were wasted. >> you will be growth later this week. >> he told the parliamentary debate education committee he did not know why the program was -- investigation committee he did not know why the program was stopped. >> he just hit his head in the sand instead of solving it. >> the problem was that the authorities are unlikely to promote the man to fly in the airspace. he canceled the drones program in may. the opposition says they knew about the problem much earlier. the german media is saying that chancellor merkel is standing by her defense minister. a spokesperson confirmed that. >> she has complete confidence in him. i have nothing more to add. >> on wednesday, he is due to appear before the committee to give his version of the fiasco. >> two months until election time. no sign of the opposition landing a knockout blow on angela merkel. but are the opinion polls always right? >> life is getti
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2